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Ask Barry

Q: Have you settled things with "The Creeps" over Dante's Domicile?
A: I haven't spoken to them since they found out about the Domicile. They've made a few slanderous posts on Facebook and Twitter, but they have since deleted them. I NEVER stole their concept, they were not the first to show short films, only the first in New England. The fact is, when I was planning it out, I knew that if I was going to show homemade shorts like they did, then I had to make it NOT Creeps Creature Feature, and the best way to do that is to do what they don't and not do what they do. I saw it more like filling the void they left. About a year ago, I got an Email from Mistress Macabre who hosted Friday Fright Fest in NJ back in the 90s, and she was happy her idea lived on! Hopefully they're cool about it now and I would be interested in doing a crossover with them.

Q: How come you made the transition from manager to wrestler, would you ever go back to managing??
A: Promoters opted to use John Cena Sr. instead of me. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Cena, he's a great guy, but the reason they opt to use him is because of who his son is and think they can get in tight with Vince. I figured if I was going to have any future in wrestling, I had to make the transition. But yes, I would go back to managing.

Q: Do you think you'll be inducted into the WAW Hall of Fame in 2017?
A: Hopefully, but if not, there's always 2018.

Q: I heard you're a fan of boxing and MMA, who are your favorite fighters and who do you think are the most overrated?
A: Favorites: George Foreman and Andrei Arlovski; Overrated: Michael Moorer and Kimbo Slice.

Q: Were CPW and NLP the same promotion?
A: No, long story short: NLP was basically intended to be CPW's NXT and BRS (Brian, Ron, & Shawn) Promotions was formed to house both companies and run separate shows for each but they eventually ceased running CPW shows and went ahead with running NLP shows.

Q: Why did the Badass Xpress flop and who currently owns the rights to it?
A: I do.

Q: Exactly what happened between you and Rick Fuller years ago?
A: It amuses me how many meatheads think they know this story! We had this show in Woburn and Bob/Darkside didn't make it to the show. Now I was all set to do the spot planned with me as Sebastion then, but for some reason, they decided to nix it and put me out as a ref instead. I went out not knowing the spot, and the rest is history. I actually thought him beating me down was the finish, so I sold it. When I got back, Pat Doyle yelled to me "You fucked up the finish!" That's when I knew this was for real and it occurred to me that Fuller could've killed me out there and Pat cared more that the finish was botched, I almost wanted to say "Yeah, Pat, I'm fine thanks for asking!" After that, me and Fuller talked it out, I apologized for botching the finish, he apologized for attacking me, there is absolutely NO hard feelings about it. That's just a wrestling rumor that does not seem to want to die. I felt bad about it, but it really wasn't my fault. But here's something you might get a kick out of: 7 years after that, I was introduced to Nunzio/Little Guido as the ref who got his ass beat by Fuller. And he goes "Oh, that was you?" And I'm like "You heard that story, huh?" And he says "Even Vince has heard that story!"

Q: One of your toughest critics ever has been Mike Jas, do you still have heat with him?
A: I never really had heat with him. He's publicly talked shit about me, but I've publicly talked shit about him too so it would be stupid and hypocritical of me to have heat with him over something I did also. The only issue I (and a lot of other workers) have with him is that he, who has never trained a day in his life, feels he should decide who belongs in the business and who doesn't. Does he hear anyone telling him he has no business buying a ticket and taking pictures? Nope! But then again, how hard is it to do that?

Q: You played hockey before getting involved in wrestling, what position did you play?
A: I was a defenseman, but a couple of times I was a right wing. I wanted to be a center, but skating wasn't my strong point. I did score some hat tricks though.

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